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Maid Services

Our highly trained staff of maids will make sure that your house is cleaned from top to bottom with the attention to detail that every maid should have. We sanitize, scrub, de-scum, de-grease, annihilate allergens, and a whole lot more. Disclaimer: None of our maids are live in domestic maids, but simply clean your home, or requested rooms of your home, on a consistent basis upon an agreed upon schedule.


We our confident that our maids can clean any room in your house (within reason), and we pride ourselves on given attention to detail in each room, no matter how large or small. The rooms we service include*:

  • Bathrooms: Floors, tubs, shower heads, mirrors, sinks, toilets, and more.
  • Kitchen: Floors, cupboards, sinks, faucets, counter tops, stove tops, and more.
  • Living room: Floors, rugs, coffee tables, coaches, side tables, and more.
  • Bedrooms: Beds, floors, window sills, dressers, desks, lamps, closets, et cetera.
  • Dining rooms: Tables, floors, buffets, and more.
  • General rooms

*All of these rooms can include more or less of the items cleaned, upon the request of the customer.

Duties And Materials

The duties of our maids are to clean regularly and effectively, so that the needs of the client are met with satisfaction. They are also trained for customer service, so they will stay out of your way so that you can be comfortable at home.

We use a variety of materials for basic cleaning, including mops, brooms, dusters, antibacterial spray bottles, and more. And, for our harder cleaning jobs, we use stronger chemicals, alternative cleaning products, and custom cleaning tools.

Upon request, we will use eco-friendly cleaning materials only; we support green cleaning for those clients who are sensitive to harsh chemicals.

Why Hire A Maid?

Hiring maid services is starting to become more common these days. A number of wealthy people are now even hiring personal servants like butlers. People who are looking for jobs are now becoming maids and butlers. Individuals who are able to afford it are going to be asking themselves whether or not they should hire maid services, and they should consider the benefits of hiring people to help them out around the house. Housework is a thankless task that is more time-consuming than most people think.


For one thing, maids can save people a great deal of time and energy each and every day. The household chores that people do on a daily basis never seem to get done, since they’re just going to be there in the morning ready to be completed yet again. The average person will spend between eighty and one hundred and thirty minutes on household chores each and every day. Household chores are not quite time-consuming enough to equate to an additional part-time job, but they’re often frustrating enough and hopeless enough that people who are already overworked are going to feel like they’ve earned a supplementary income anyway.

Maid services can give all of that time back. Getting one or two extra hours a day really is worth its weight in gold. However, people also might end up earning money this way due to the time value of money. With the extra hour or two, people might be able to launch small side businesses, or at least become more productive at their current jobs to the point where they receive raises and promotions. If people earn even a little more here than they spend on the maid services, they have already finished off better financially as a result.

Maid Service Duties

Maids will perform a wide range of household duties, particularly given the demands of a fast-paced modern lifestyle. For one thing, they’re going to cook dinner and then clean up everything afterwards. They will also do all of the housework, including sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, taking out the trash, doing the laundry, cleaning out the refrigerator and other storage spaces, and almost any other minor household chore that would otherwise be done by the occupants. In many cases, maids are also going to do all of the shopping.

Some maids might do vehicle maintenance and tasks that require more technical skill. Usually, people are going to need to hire gardeners if they want maids to do those sorts of tasks, but this might not always be necessary. Some maids are willing to do light yard work as well. Some maids will help with childcare if necessary, although the people who do this are usually nannies or housekeepers. The line between a maid and a housekeeper is blurry today, and some residents are going to need to decide on specific workers on a case-by-case basis. Maids will usually make it clear when they are hired what they are willing to do in order to help out the household.