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Moving Cleaning

Moving Cleaning Service

Are you moving out of your home, apartment, or condo, and don’t have the time or energy to clean? Are you moving into a new home and it was left dirty by the last owners? Are you a manager and need your apartment clean right away? At Out of Sight Cleaning, we will make sure that your residence will be completely clean for new homeowners, renters, or apartment managers.

We not only do a general cleaning of your home, but we also offer carpet cleaning as well.

We have a standard cleaning list for move-ins and move-outs, but we will adapt our list to your own list of requirements.


When you buy or sell a home, it can be an incredibly difficult process to manage: Our professional cleaners will help you scratch off that one part of the list that can be a burden and take a lot of time–cleaning.  We professionally clean bathrooms, dens, bedrooms, kitchens, closets, and the living room, all at an affordable rate.  Cut down on your time and energy, and let us take care of your house cleaning needs (more on move-ins).


Moving out of an apartment or house is a lot of work that you may not have the time to do.  We understand that it’s difficult enough to move your furniture, set up for your new home, change your mailing address, et cetera.  So, don’t forfeit your deposit, and let us clean the things you don’t have time to clean (more on move-outs).